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Take advantage of the most POWERFUL moves in the stock market! Read more about this easy setup and course.

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My journey into trading earnings started here. Read this short ebook about my discovery into a simple setup for trading earnings.

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Remember when you were a kid and did fun things with your lunch money. You still can. Never getting ahead in the stock market. This is for you.

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I am Pete Garner. I am not a investment or financial adviser, but I love trading and have learned over the years how to be successful. I have always wanted to trade earnings and have found a very easy set up to do so.
I created an online video course which I invite you to check out. I also have wrote two books above, Stock Trading Earnings Made Easy" and "Lunch Money Trade. Please download them for free as my gift to you. I post trade ideas on Twitter and you can find me on Facebook too.

Remember trading in the stock market can be risky. You can loose everything.